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I'm not sure that this is my best photo, but it reminds me of those times when you could not really think about whose subtle feelings you can damage and dark-skinned actresses were not taken for the role of Anna Karenina...

The experience

the process of visual communication and problem solving using typography, photography, and illustration.


Unlike some other languages, in Russian the word "photograph" is used only in relation to still images


To obtain a predictable result of the product printing, it is necessary to have full information about the final product at the stage of design manufacturing and pre-printing preparation of the product. Namely: the final size of the product (cut format), color (color), the profile of the printing equipment on which the product will be printed, and it is also necessary to describe the entire chain of post-printing processing of the product.


the process of creating a website or web application. The main stages of the process are web design, page layout, programming for the web on the client and server side, as well as configuring the web server, says Wikipedia


Book cover design

I design covers for almost every genre, including Sci-Fi, Thriller, Fantasy, Horror, How To’s, Business, Marketing, Education, Infographics etc along with social media ads and banners. Please get in touch and share your requirements for best results.


Here you can contemplate what is not a matter of pride and success

wine for design

a bottle of wine as a gift to the first 100 customers