The Day Rudolph Died: The Hypocrites Who Stole Christmas

Anne Feltus

Former PR director for an art museum, writer/editor for a major corporation, and, for three decades, award-winning freelance business writer and communications consultant for global list of clients in such diverse fields as energy, healthcare, real estate, banking, education, and the arts. Now gratefully retired. Proud mother/grandmother, animal lover, horse owner/rider, genealogy enthusiast, avid reader, news junkie, bum.


One of the happiest times of the year turns tragic when someone shoots Rudolph by mistake on Christmas Eve. Instead of being shocked and saddened, the residents of Shady Oaks, the gated community where the incident occurs, see the beloved red-nosed reindeer’s death as a distraction, an inconvenience, and even a threat to their privileged way of life. An angry Santa wants to put them on his naughty list—until he realizes the denizens of the North Pole aren’t so different as they capitalize on Rudolph’s demise to move up the toyshop’s corporate ladder. Structured as an easy, fun read for busy people on the go, this satirical novella provides a refreshing new twist on the traditional holiday tales.

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