Dolorosa Drive

Dolorosa Drive is a 7 mile stretch of road running through the Vittoria Valley, where several wealthy landowners have their property and mansions. It is where the Russo family lives and has their flagship winery. There are so many unhappy suffering families on this road. It is truly a “Via Dolorosa”, a “Way of Suffering”.

Soon to be a major motion picture, Dolorosa Drive is the deliciously scandalous debut novel by Dom Blu Filice.

Spanning more than fifty years and playing out like a 1980’s primetime soap opera, welcome to Dolorosa Drive, the tantalizing tale of the infamous Russo family on Dolorosa Drive in the bountiful Vittoria Valley. The family is dysfunctional, crazy-rich, and world-renowned for their RussoVino wine vineyards.

With ties to Organized Crime and The White House, “this family’s got game”. Unstoppable. Driven. Entitled. Privileged. Protected.

But there are secrets in this family heavy enough to crush the Russo’s like the grapes that made their fortune.

Some might kill to keep those secrets buried.

Family. Power. Greed. Love. Money. Sex. Lies. Murder?

Dom Blu Filice

Dom Blu Filice is an Italian American writer and columnist.

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