MAX JUSTICE move poster

While the world is Noir (high contrast, shadows, etc), I want the world to be littered with splashes of vibrant color and neon, almost a hyper real look (like a video game). Leaning towards “Cyberpunk 2077” minus all the technology and futurism. This world is more low tech and nostalgic, think 1990’s The Matrix, brick cell phones, 60’s cars, etc. It’s also a bit of an homage to the Max Payne video game (the first one), and I want the title font to reflect that (bold red lettering), but I don’t want to straight up copy it. Something similar but with its own design and swag. Maybe similar font shape, but add texture, etc. Spitball and give me some options please.

wine for design

a bottle of wine as a gift to the first 100 customers