Ioana Filip

Ioana is one of the world’s top creative leaders. While she inspired people through globally awarded advertising campaigns that pictured human ideals or feel good moments, in this debut novel she brings her own experience as a wife, daughter, working professional and globally acclaimed executive to show the real, harsh and unfiltered faces of successful women today.


The book uncovers the story of five women leading what seems to be an exemplary life. From the outside they are beautiful, successful, powerful, in love. On the inside they are scared, addictive, insecure and frauds. They are all bounded by a similar narrative of success and their stories seem to be strangely intertwined by events they all attend to, people they all know, career paths they all follow. As their stories come to the inevitable same end, they will have to decide if they’ll reveal their true selves or stay in the hideout forever.

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