NEURON REALITY – The perfect illusion – The perfect drug

Young game developer Alex Stein has finally created his breakthrough project- a next level virtual reality device that creates a perfect simulation using neural stimulation. This simulation, powered by artificial intelligence, now feels as real as life itself, yet offers unlimited experiences. He seems to be headed for the great success he dreamed about, yet as his health and life deteriorate rapidly Alex finds out that his creation might not be merely a game, but a deadly drug that threatens to end society as we know it. As he struggles to unravel the true nature of the simulation, he discovers a part of his real life that he had desperately tried to forget.

Matthias Clostermann

Matthias Clostermann is a veteran entrepreneur in the entertainment and technology field. He designed and created numerous visitor attractions all over the world for theme parks and museums, as well as working in the business of robotics development. His mixture of artistic and technical background, as well as the experience in creating stories that have entertained millions of people in 43 countries have led to writing fiction that draws its inspiration from real technologies and developments that he has been part of in his career.

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