Paulsons Peak Jörg Benne

This new dark mystery-gamebook is about a strange old mansion named “Paulsons Peak”, located at a steep cliff at the coast (a two-storey building somewhere at the coast of England). The villa once belonged to a weird genius inventor named Paulson but the estate was abandoned long time ago. Now the cliff is eroding more and more and the house is in danger of collapsing into the ocean. The curator of “Paulsons Peak” is asked to clear the house. During that he notices that something in the house is mysteriously using up a lot of electricity. Meanwhile a storm is approaching and the curator has no other choice than to call for someone who can figure out what is going on. Therefore the curator calls the reader/the gamebook-player for help. The main character /the reader of the gamebook is asked to check the house for hidden inventions the former owner could have left in the house. After entering “Paulsons Peak” the reader will find the real cause of the electricity loss but will also soon meet the ghost of the former owner and will unravel the secret about his mysterious death …

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