Loki: Mythology Reimagined

Born a king. Raised a prisoner. Arises a legend. . . . In the heat of battle and bloodshed, the realm of Jotunheim falls to Asgard. Amid the slaughter, Borr, the Aesir king, spares his enemy’s infant son. The youth is spirited back to Asgard and spends the first twelve years of his life locked in a dungeon—until Prince Odin vows to uphold his father’s dying wish. United in blood as brothers, Odin frees the boy and swears no harm shall come to him. His name? Loki… Peace has reigned for twenty-four years when Loki and Thor, Odin’s son and heir, embark upon a secret mission deep into the heart of Asgard. But when a Jotunn warrior hiding among the locals makes an attempt on Thor’s life, that stability is set on a knife’s edge. Now the king of Asgard, Odin is convinced that the rival kingdom of Jotunheim is once again preparing for war. As Odin readies his armies for the inevitable battle, Loki covertly sets out to Jotunheim to discover the truth and stop a needless war. What he finds sends him down a path of betrayal and deception from which there is no return. Hundreds of thousands of lives hang in the balance as the lines blur between prophecy and reality. And as fire and shadows loom on the horizon, a frightened boy caught between two kingdoms must grow to become a man. Faced with the fury of a king gone mad, Loki must sacrifice everything he holds dear to ensure his people survive. Including the lives of those he loves most. . . . Brimming with action and adventure, Loki puts a new, realistic spin on Norse mythology’s greatest heroes and villains. You will devour this fantasy epic.

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