Pedro Gabriel

is a Portuguese oncology doctor, with a penchant for Shakespeare, Chesterton, Tolkien, and fantasy in general. Since his younger years, he has always been fascinated by ancient myths and legends, and dreamed of creating his own full mythology one day.


Ironcraft is the first installment of a fantasy series. In the beginning, a peaceful race of giants populates the world. But a sylphid, a spirit from the stars, comes down from the heavens to deliver a dreadful prophecy: one day, a new race of beings, called men, will dethrone the giants and destroy them. To protect them from this threat, the sylphid will teach the giants the art of smelting iron. But this gift will unleash war unto the land of mortals, as the giants try to conquer a mythical city where men are foretold to appear…

wine for design

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