Escape to Tehran

A powerful true story about how my Russian father escaped Soviet Union Communist and created a successful business in Iran during the Reign of the Shah only to have his Iranian family terrorized and destroyed by Iranian Islamic Fanatics.


Mojgan Rahbanoff PhD

Mojgan Rahbanoff is the youngest daughter of the primary characters in Escape to Tehran who, along with her parents and two sisters, was terrorized and beaten by Islamist Fanatics over a period of years following the departure of the Shah of Iran. She holds a Doctorate Degree in Art History from the Sorbonne in Paris, France, and a Masters Degree in Design from one of Europe’s top design schools. Following design school she interned with Yves St. Laurent prior to establishing Mojgan Rahbanoff Design in Paris and serving as the senior designer for the Italian Design Team for the Hotel Ritz Paris. This is her story as she experience it and as told to her by her Russian father.

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