Dark Inheritance book cover

When Brad inherits a sprawling estate on his 21st birthday, he doesn’t ask why the grandmother he never knew willed it to him. An orphan since age 12, Brad is anxious to leave the trauma behind him and start fresh. Since the property is expansive and in disrepair, he invites his hometown buddies to help him explore it, clean it up and party in the Arkansas summer. Younger friends Steve, Stacy, Tyler, Brit, Jeff and Jim join him for the weekend with adventure on the agenda. But it’s not long before best friend Jim begins to suspect something is off with Brad, he’s oddly protective of the basement, and locals share rumors of folks who’ve gone missing in the past. It’s been nine years since the last disappearance, and those are just stories from small-town folk, right? Odd clues rack up and Jim starts to wonder – has Brad inherited more than just a home?

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