Ali Psiuk

LMFT, is a psychotherapist and works with individuals and partners in private practice.


This memoir details the wildly winding path of a creative and spiritual seeker as she unravels into mental illness and then painfully, beautifully, weaves her disparate parts back together. We follow her fascinating evolution from a young and closeted Elite gymnast with an eating disorder, to circus performer, modern dancer, showgirl, Broadway dresser, psych ward patient and eventually, licensed psychotherapist. Through Ali’s poignant and often hilarious storytelling, we witness the emotional, mental and spiritual transformation that is possible when someone is able to be forged in the crucible and emerge with greater access to their inner gold.

With tremendous honesty, humor, and heart, this book gives us a rare insight into one person’s lived experience of mental illness, and shows us the brilliant possibility of a way through.


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