Bergman Manor book cover

It’s 1925, and the purportedly haunted summer retreat house Bergman Manor has seen the deaths of several guests in recent years. When Clem, a penniless playboy, learns that his P.I. uncle is the Manor’s latest victim, he poses as a well-to-do guest in order to secretly conduct his own investigation. He soon discovers the connection between all the recent deaths: the Manor’s pretty but prickly young maid, Dorothy. Taken in by Bergman Manor’s proprietor as a small child, Dorothy has never known life outside the Manor. As she’s grown into a beautiful young woman, the Manor’s male guests have begun to pay her much more attention. But the consequences when they get too close are deadly. It doesn’t take long for Dorothy to discover Clem’s true purpose at the Manor, and desperate to stop the killings, she joins forces with him to find the truth. As Clem and Dorothy search for answers, they unravel the twisted history of Bergman Manor and the peculiar guests who spend their summers there.

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