A Little Plague on the Prairie

David B. Swanson

37 years old.
Lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Has an advanced B.A. in Cultural Anthropology
First novel


A tragedy told in three seasons…
When young Timothy finds out his girlfriend Jeanine is pregnant, on the same day the Covid-19 pandemic reaches his prairie city, he realizes life will never be the same. The resulting lockdown brings financial uncertainty and panic. With nowhere left to turn he takes up an offer from two friends, Sammy and Jon, to start selling crack cocaine to the fine people of Winnipeg.

In the absurd dystopia that only 2020 could have been, these youngsters strive to find meaning in a world hell-bent on careening off a cliff. Their struggle to stay ahead of the curve – which refuses to be flattened – sees them adapt to the forces of technology, drug use, family life, and the splintering echo of Canadian colonialism.  In this post-truth world, reality becomes a choose your own adventure written by Chicken Littles and conspiracy theorists.

As the chaos unfolds only two things can be agreed on: crack sells like hot-cakes and winter is on the horizon…

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